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Let's Talk Turkey....5 Ways to sneak practice into a too busy schedule.

Is your child crazy busy now that school is in full swing? Of course they are!! When their schedule is crazier then usual try these 5 tips. A little creativity can make practice something to run to and not away from.

~ Bring the family together... At least once a week gather the family around the piano for a mini concert. Kids love when others listen to them play. Make a special meal...celebrate their accomplishments. By setting aside just 10 minutes each week you can change your child's outlook on practicing. They will gooble this up!

~ Dress it up... Keep the area on and around your child's piano clean and declutered. Have them help you decorate their piano for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Make the piano look fun and be a place your child wants to spend time.

~ Carve it up... I like to tell my students that out of the 7 days in the week I ONLY, (stressing only) want them to practice 5. I then give them the power to decide which days they want off. Once they have determine the days they don't want to practice, we create a chart for the other 5 days. I have found success when they actively engage in the decision process.

~ Sandwich it in... Now that you have the practice days decided and the chart made, break the 20 to 30 minute practice time up into 5 to 10 increments. Then have your child decide when they would like to practice during the day to accomplish the amount of practice time that has been determined. Ten minutes before breakfast, ten minutes before they start their homework, and another 10 minutes before bed is a great way to sandwich practice in to a busy day. Kids love to be part of the decision making process.

~ Garnish it just right... Garnishes are the finishing touches to a deliciously cooked meal. Fun piano pieces can be the garnish to your child's practice progress. Find out what type of music your child likes to play and then tell their teacher. When your child likes the music they are playing they will run to the piano to play it.

Gooble, Gooble!!

For fun piano supplements that will keep your child coming back for more, try...Oh No Mr. Bach, Randy is Here and He Wants to Play the Piano, Randy the Raccoon Meets Mozart and Finger Fun With Randy and those sneaky mice!! You can find these supplements at www.kidsjumpjamn'

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