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Get more practicing done. Shout it out....

That's what I said, "Shout it out". So what does that have to do with successful home practice? Lots!! So often non-musical parents are at a loss to know how to help their child practice at home. They don't know what to say or do to achieve success and of course, their 6 year old doesn't have a clue either.

Below is a list of questions parents can call out from where ever they are to help their child stay focused. Moms, you can be cooking dinner and make sure your child is on track and practicing in an effective way. Dads, you can be reading the evening paper and still connect with your child in a way that they will want to continue to play for you. Great multi-tasking skills!

Here's the list.....feel free to add more or ask your teacher for some good ones.

1. Can you tell me what your teacher wanted you to work on in

that piece?

2. You play another piece that sounds very similar to that one. Can

I hear it?

3. Can I hear that again but just with your right hand?

4. That sounded difficult, maybe try starting part way through and

playing it slowly?

5. What do you think you need to work on in that piece?

6. That middle section was beautiful! Can you play it again for me?

7. Can you choose 3 different measures and play them 4 times

each for me?

8. Can I hear a peice you used to play a long time ago?

9. I loved the piece you played last week. Play it again for me.

10. Wow, that used to be really hard for you! Can I hear it again?

I hope these 'shout outs' help your child stay motivated and get the most out of their practicing. Have fun and come up with some of your own!!

These wonderful tips came from Teach Piano Today.

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