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Surprise Me Day

I have found that teaching students how to learn is more important then teaching them how to play a particular song. I homeschooled both of my girls, who are now married and working in their chosen professions. I knew very quickly that I couldn't possibly teach them everything there was to know in just 12 short, okay....sometimes, long years. I needed to teach them how to learn.

The same approach is what I've done with my students. I encourage them to find music they like and bring it in for me to hear. I tell them that if they need help with a song they would like to learn, to let me know. I want them to enjoy playing the piano and view it as more then just taking weekly lessons.

Enter 'Surpise Me Day' (complements Teach Piano Today). Everyone loves a good surprise, both giving one and getting one. Each month we set aside a week where our students are asked to surprise us by doing something from the following list.

Hey Kids, You Can Choose To…

1) Flip ahead 3 pages in your book and teach yourself to play the

right hand of that piece.

2) Memorize a piece from 3 pages back in your book.

3) Play your current piece with all the dynamics, phrasing,

articulation and expression in place…perfectly!

4) Compose an original piece and play it for me!

5) Flip ahead 1 page in your method book and teach yourself the

first two lines hands together.

What they get back.....

Once they have surprised us with the piece they prepared, all by themselves, then we surprise them back with a treat. I really can't tell you what because it's a secret. You will just have to sign your child up to find out. Hope to hear from you soon.

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