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Grab your passport and let's go!

Traveling is one of my favorite things. My goal is to travel to new places every year. What if we could also go back in time? Our students can if they come to our monthly master class. They will be issued a music passport, some important instructions on time travel and off we'll go. I've been cooresponding with J. S. Bach for the past month and he has everything set up for our visit. That's right.....we are going to Germany to meet Bach.

I am sooooo excited. I'm really hoping that we don't end up during the month that Bach spent in prison. It might get a little cramped in the jail cell for our visit. He told me that he can't wait for us to meet his children.....all 20 of them. Make sure you put the date on your calendar. Our departure date is Friday, October 9th at 6 pm sharp.

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