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What does hay, a bonfire and s'mores have to do with music...Hee-Haw!!

So what does hay, a bonfire and s'mores have to do with music. Well, I'm glad you asked! Almost every studio has a student recital, right? We like to do things a little different. Think outside the box, so to speak. Each fall we have a 'Hoe Down', which is our student show.

Our flat bed trailer becomes a stage fully equipted with piano, drums and sound system. Long planks of wood become benches for our families to sit on. The wood and brush, being collected throughout the year, becomes a huge bonfire to roast s'mores. You get the picture....

Our students LOVE this. They can dress casual, or in their boots and western hats. We have games, face painting and food. A year doesn't go by that our students aren't asking when the show is going to be.

There are many reasons to take lessons at S Music Studio, but our shows are definately near the top.

Check us out. Find out how hay can make music more fun.

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