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Mixed-age family trial class!

Want to experience a family music class for yourself? Visit a trial class for free!


Ms. Kymberley will lead you and the other families in a range of music activities, including a full-on jam session with child-friendly instruments. We'll close out our session with a lullaby and goodbye song, with many rich, musical experiences during our time together. It's so much fun you won't realize how much learning is taking place!


New classes will be starting soon!!



" My 2 year old son, Beckett, attends music class with Kymberley. This is our second session and he loves it! It's such a joy to see him in an environment he feels right at home in and we look forward to many more classes to come. Thanks for creating such an open and accepting environment for all kids!" - Brynn O.  

" I loved the baby music class. It was a wonderful way to learn how to dance, sing and interact with our baby at music class. Beyond that though, the series really helped push forward our bonding- the first class I brought Emmie to she was exactly two weeks old and right in that exhausting period of time where you need to get out, but don't want it to be too much of an ordeal. The sessions were PERFECT for that. Helpful suggestions, but not a rushed pace or rigid set of expectations." -Kate S. 


Babies trial class!

This class is for infants and babies under 8 months old with their parents/caregivers.


You'll learn ways to interact musically with your infant. As you sing, laugh, and learn together, you'll bond with your child and experience a wonderful social opportunity with other parents. So bring a blanket for baby to lay on and come meet and be with other parents of newborns/ infants. Watch your baby's eyes light up during this free trial class. I only ask that you not bring any older siblings. It's strictly for babies and parents/caregivers.


New Classes will be starting soon!!


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