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 Group Classes

Group Piano
Group Piano

What is Whole Body Learning?

Multi-sensory learning has been proven to be the most brain-friendly way to learn. Forte's Whole Body Learning teaching method is a multi-sensory approach, where multiple senses - including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic - are engaged in the learning process. 

In a group lesson children:

  • Sing and do actions which internalized the learning before moving to the piano. This scaffolds the learning by providing a succession of little wins along the way.

  • Students remember better. The more neural pathways engaged in learning, the stronger the memory and by 

  • singing & playing with music tracks and video clips children learn to play in time and follow the music. 

  • Add in plenty of repetition, and your child will thrive.

Current neuroscience research show that using embodied and multimodal learning strategies helps students learn more efficiently and remember more effectively

Music is Fun class
Junior Keys and Piano Keys

Why our group classes are so popular

Confidence & self esteem grows where children learn with and play for others. Parents say that performing in class concerts every couple of weeks in our Júnior Keys and Piano Keys courses has often been a game changer for their child. 

Progress is quicker

Groups continuously move forward, so it's not surprising that we find students typically progress faster. The momentum that groups have provides a natural motivation to practice. 

We learn better in a group.

Research shows that we learn as much from others as we do from a teacher, and we learn best when we are relaxed & having fun!


Some things are just better done with others like... 

  • ensemble playing, the ability to play in time with others is an important skill that pianists often struggle with.

  • playing games that accelerates and deepens learning is more fun with other kids.

  • singing, the key to developing musical skills. Singing is easier, more collaborative and fun, with others

Whole Body Learning is more fun in a group. 

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