Group Piano Classes

KiddyKeys ages 3-4

Sat., 9:30 am also

Wed. 6 pm and Thurs. 4:30 pm

Music is so important to little ones. They love to sing, dance, clap and play instruments. Our Kiddykeys class is a great way to channel all that energy as they learn the basics of music along with an introduction to keyboard. Our Kiddykeys class is full of happy little ones who beg to come to class each week. 

Junior Keys ages 5-6

Tues, 5:45 pm - Thurs, 6 pm - Sat., 9 am

We recommend small group learning environment where children are immersed in a whole range of activities designed to develop a broader range of musical skills than would otherwise be offered in traditional private lessons.

This broad base of sound musical skills are a great foundation to move on to any instrument in the future. Junior Keys Course is a great place to start your child on music!

Piano Keys ages 8-10

Sat., 9:45 am 

We recommend beginners of 8 years and older start in Piano Keys Course. A full range of musical skills will be developed and there is quite an emphasis on playing piano.

We recommend your child learns in a small group where he can participate in the range of activities required to develop this broader range of musical skills than he otherwise would in traditional private lessons.

Whole Body Movement in each class

  • Delcroze - movement and Kinesthetics

  • Orf - tuned and untuned percussion instruments

  • Kodely - singing and solfege

  • Suzuki - parental involvement

  • Yamaha - playing the piano 

Hours and locations


Monday-Friday call for hours

Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm


 S Music Studio at the Barn

 121 W. Cochran St.

 Middletown, DE 19709

1-302-838-5330    1-302-437-0029