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S Music Studio understands the concerns that you, as a parent, experience when signing your child up for piano lessons. You are worried that they won't stick it out, won't enjoy the experience and won't advance. We understand these concerns and in our quest to provide the best services possible, have come up with a unique plan to help your child excel. We have found that students start off really excited, but without parental support of their practicing at home, they tend to lose interest. We also understand that many parents may feel ill-equipped as to how to best help their child practice when they don't know music themselves or have limited time. Our solution is to assist you by providing your child with our new PLUS or PREMIUM Lesson Packages. Both include weekly guided practice times at the Studio. The PLUS Package also provides additional accountability through an App, called Practicia, coupled with phone or email accessibility to the owner, Sherry Miller, for any extra help needed. We believe that with this kind of extra support you'll feel more confident and will find that your child is advancing and having a positive experience. Our goal is to help your child succeed, and we're positive these new Packages will accelerate their learning experience. The old saying is, "practice makes perfect", and we want to help each student develop a consistent practice regimen. Try out one of our packages and watch your child succeed. 

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